The only long term solution for back instability, sports injuries, walking problems and arthritis prevention is to treat the cause.

Muscle alignment and function is secondary to and set by the skeletal structure it is attached to and any skeletal variations affect function and may cause either micro tears or significant injury to muscles. The rule in looking at the human skeleton is that 'Structure dictates function.'

Muscle strength is protective, they switch on to support you when you change course or stumble and switch on to momentarily stabilize such as in leaping sideways on the tennis court.

The muscles cannot sustain the effort and do not resist gravity. The force of gravity or the 'weight' of our body is borne by the skeletal structure and we stack up from the ground according to the inherited structure of our skeleton.

We use

  • Hands on Joint Assessment
  • Muscle Strength Testing
  • Video Gait Anaylsis
  • Pressure Plate analysis
  • Foot Postural Assessment
  • Functional Testing

From this we can out line your best treatment plan