Orthotic Insoles

Sometimes the changes have gone too far, or your natural alignment is a little different or uneven from left to right. In theses cases, no matter how well aligned your joints and however strong your muscles become, you still need a little help. We can modify your existing insoles to match your feet as they improve or provide custom built Sure Orthotics to support your feet and prevent that extreme range of motion that does the damage.

Sure Orthotics can be designed for any type of shoe from trainers to flats up to 2 1/2 inch heels and are available in a number of colours and styles. Ask your practitioner what Sure Orthotics could do for you.

What can orthotics do for me?

An orthotic is an insole which sits inside your footwear to realign the feet, correct faulty foot function and reduce wear and tear of joints and muscles.

Poor foot function or biomechanics can affect many parts of the body and lead to pain in the feet, legs, knees, hips and back. 

How do i know if i need orthotics?

If a pain is worse or bought on by standing walking or running then an orthtoic may be able to help.

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Still not sure? See the frequently asked questions below or get in touch to ask for more information.

Frequently Asked questions

My shoes have insoles are these orthotics?

No.  Some shoes especially sportswear will have some form of cushioning insole.  These are not orthotics and will not change your foot function and address biomechanically related pain.  Orthotics are specifically designed to change and optimise your foot function.

When should I consider orthotics?

Any painful symptoms in the feet such as tired aching feet, heel pains, bunions, metatarsalgia (pain in balls of feet), callouses and hammer toes will result from faulty alignment of joints in the foot and altered biomechanics.  Orthotics will help realign joints and reduce symptoms.  Knee, leg, hip and back pain can be the result of poor foot function leading to alterations in body posture and mal-alignment of higher structures.  An orthotic will help to realign structures and reduce prominent forces around the joint, leading to a reduction in symptoms.

Are there different types of orthotic?

Yes.  Orthotics can be designed to cushion and redistribute pressure, realign foot architecture and address faulty foot function.  These can be further modified to take account of lifestyle and accommodate sporting activities such as running, ball sports or cycling, every day wear or high heels.

Will orthotics cure my problems?

No.  Orthotics cannot reverse joint damage.  They can reduce the symptoms and pain that would arise from continued faulty biomechanical problems.

How long do I have to wear orthotics for?

Orthotics work as long as you are wearing them.  Following the initial introduction period you should be wearing orthotics all day to realign joints, improve posture and reduce symptoms and pain.

How long do they last?
Sure orthotics come with a 5 year manufacturing guarantee. However, a tolerence is built up over time, so we recommend you get your orthotics checked every couple of years. They probably won't have changed, but it's likely you will have. Adjustments and alterations are simple and quick to do, so your old orthotics can make you feel like a new you.