At Surefeet our main aim is to provide clients with long lasting improvements in their foot and leg pain. We use the hands on techniques of joint mobilisation, combined with corrective exercises to treat mechanical & structural disorders of the foot and leg. We also provide routine podiatry care, because the symptoms need some relief too.

We encourage you to speak with us if you have any pains in your feet or legs. Our experienced podiatrists will be able to diagnose the problem and identify the right therapy for you.

Podiatry Care

Foot problems we treat

Nail problems-fungal nails/thickened nails

Corns and Callus



Ingrowing toenails

Athletes foot

Cracked heels/dry skin

Hammer toes

Odour Problems

Painful arches

Sore/painful feet

Systemic problems we help manage


Peripheral Vascular Disease

Rheumatoid Arthritis


Chill blaines

Ischemic foot Disease

Foot Mobilisation & Orthotics

Joint and muscle problems we treat
Foot  |  Heel  |  Ankle  |   Knee  |  Hip   |   Lower Back

Can't find your condition in the list below?

Please ask and we can identify the best option for you

Aching feet

Morton’s Neuroma – electrical sensations shooting from the ball of the foot to the toes, often caused by abnormal pressure on the nerve sheath.

Bunions – Bunions are distortions of the big toe joint.

Hammer / Claw toes – a result of your foot trying to grip onto the ground excessively.

Flat feet

High arches

Excessive pronation - abnormal rolling in of the ankles and lowering of the arch

Bruised Heel

Heel spur

Plantar fasciitis

Achilles Tendon

Sore ankles

Rolling-in ankles

Weak ankles

Sprained ankles


Patella Syndrome

Cartilage Problems

Knee Joint Pain

Shin Soreness

Achilles Tendonitis

Sore calf

Compartment syndrome

Hip arthritis


Ilio Tibial Band (ITB)

Leg Length Discrepancy (LLD)